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Re: [IP] Using Pump with Saline need Help

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Dennis Cardone wrote:
> So far the pump fell off the belt clip 4x's and on one time the pump
> door opened and the reservoir fell out.

Sounds like a defective clip. MM has little belt pouches to put the pump 
in in any event.

> Our nurse educator feels that our daughter my need a bolus of 0.03 per
> hour and it my clog using Lispro....So I decided to look into the
> Disetronic because it delivers insulin every 3 minutes.

This is not a problem. My daughter ran a basal rate of ZERO for 5 hours a 
day for over a year without any problems using a MM506.

Either pump will give you excellent service. The various marketing claims 
are pretty much hype. Your personal preference concerning the 
operation features that differ between the two pumps should drive your 

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