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[IP] Using Pump with Saline need Help

A while back I email you all with questions about the pump...and I thank
you all for the reply's.

In brief my 7 year old daughter wants to go on a pump to get rid of 4-5
injections a day and eat and not eat when she wants. I have been looking
into the MIniMed Pump. I am on my third day of using the 507 not the
507c with Saline solution to see how it will be for my little girl.

So far the pump fell off the belt clip 4x's and on one time the pump
door opened and the reservoir fell out.
The first time I I placed the infusion set in it didn't really hurt but
the second time it hurt like hell...I used the soft set without the

Our nurse educator feels that our daughter my need a bolus of 0.03 per
hour and it my clog using Lispro....So I decided to look into the
Disetronic because it delivers insulin every 3 minutes.

What is your experience using Lispro with a low bolus with the MiniMed
507c and the Disetronic?

Here is some other thoughts:

I have had a few concerns with the MiniMed 507 Pump.

1. They should loan out the product I will purchase for $5,000 not a
unit no longer in production?

2. The belt clip has a problem and in two days the pump fell off about
4-5 times and once the pump opened and the reservoir fell out.

3. After I removed the cannula  I bolused 5 units then 10 units no
saline came out of the cannula and the tubing had many bubbles and air

4. After I hooked up the new infusion set I called MiniMed support and
asked why the alarm didn't sound.
The representative ran some test but couldn't run a test to set alarm
off  because I didn't have a clamp.

5.  We the new infusion set on I ran this test:
I put 7 units in a syringe and injected it onto a tissue and it made a
wet spot the size of a half dollar.
I then bolused 7 units with the pump at the quick release point and it
made a wet spot the size of a pencil tip.
I told the rep this and he said, he was there to see himself, but it
should be the same.

Note: He said he mail out a new belt clip no charge. I'm surer if I was
Diabetic and had Insulin instead of Saline he would of taken more
aggressive action.

Dennis Cardone

What do you think?

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