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Re: [IP] Propulsid and Reglan for gastroporesis

Propulsid has fewer side effects.  However, like Reglan it is not really a long
term drug.  Research suggests that it works best for short periods (the articles I
read suggested ranges from 2-6 weeks to 1-6 months and a few in between).  After
about a year of use, its effectiveness declines sharply.  Propulsid can be a great
tool to control bgs again.  Once you can maintain bg control and adjust your diet,
you can reverse a good deal of the gastroparesis symptoms and disease through
appropriate diet, excercise and bg control.  This also feels lots better b/c both
Reglan and Propulsid make me slightly nauseated and ocassionally dizzy (in place
of the vomiting and severe nausea without) all the time.    Diet really helps too
-- get rid of almost all the fat, cut way down on protein (I find that dropping
the meat really helped too but that is more of a personal choice), eat lots of
fruit and veggies and grains, bread, etc and measure them carefully.   Red bell
pepper, kiwi, fresh pineapple, fresh ginger, and peppermint all have an enzyme
that induces stomach motility and cooking with these may help too.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I used to take Reglan (maybe from about 1988 to 1993).  My doctor at that time
> talked of it as something I would have to take forever.  But when I stopped it
> (gradually), I found the symptoms that had been really bothering me (blood
> sugar going down after a meal, and mornings of nausea and diarrhea) were gone
> mostly, although certainly I had blood sugar fluctuations and those magic
> nights when my blood sugar would go way up as if some magic fairy had come
> during the night and stuffed me full of food.
> I have avoided going back on reglan (which my doctor is suggesting again)
> because of the depression it seemed to cause. I notice on this list that
> several people have mentioned propulsid but I have not seen reglan mentioned
> -- is anyone taking it?  And is it a regular or sometimes thing?  My reading
> suggested that reglan is better than propulsid for nausea -- is anyone taking
> propulsid for nausea? and if so does it work for you?  It seems to me that it
> is the action of reglan on the brain which probably accounts for its asset
> (helping with nausea) and its problem (the depression) -- propulsid is not
> supposed to have the brain effect, and also not as many side-effects.
> Linda Zottoli
> pumping since Oct 22 and hoping that is the longterm solution
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