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Re: [IP] Disconnecting to raft ect.

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, James Watson wrote:

> For some people, disconnecting from their insulin supply can
> be very tricky during exercise.  Depending on all those
> "YMMV" things, you can easily go hyperglycemic if you
> disconnect and then exercise.  (As I understand it, your
> body does not have sufficient insulin to counteract the
> counter-regulatory hormones that can be produced during
> exercise.)  This is supposedly more common on the shorter
> insulins, like Humalog.  

>From previous threads on the list, it appears that going high with 
exercise while not uncommon, is the exception rather than the rule if 
bg's are OK when you start. My daughters experience has been that all 
forms of exercise cause her bg's to drop, particularly water sports where 
the additional energy loss through the skin contact with cool water 
causes her to drop even with only very moderate activity. This is clearly 
a YMMV type of thing, but is is nice if your response is the 'common' one 
since it allows sports and beach activities with no pump.

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