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[IP] humalog

When I tried to use Humalog in my pump, it was like poison to me.  I had
some of the most rapid and intense lows of my life.  Has anyone else had
that experience with it?  Maybe it was just me.  I told my endocrinolgist
about it, since he was the one who suggested it, and I sure hope he
documented that somebody had a bad reaction to it.

Sometimes it is hard with BR because you have to time all your meals and
boluses.  This is especially hard at work, especially if the weather gets
bad and flight schedules corrupt (I work for Delta).  But I can definitely
live with that.  Just have to watch that spontanious eating.

But yeah, about 22 years on N insulin exclusively with no control and no
help from the doctors, and my body was wasted.  I got lucky though.  One of
my supervisors at work, his daughter had an insulin pump for about 8 years,
and after I was found on my back on the ramp in front of an airplane for
about the third time, HE started giving me an education, and the rest is
history.  It was only thanks to him that I know what I know now and found
the right doctor.

I guess the point is is that sometimes these things have a hard history, and
it is always worth it to fight to get your pump.  After about a dozen near
death episodes (on the highway, 2 in the morning, in front of strangers,
fighting the police) I finally got mine.

Find a way to make it happen trifona.

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