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[IP] square waves on other pumps --Ginny

Ginny wrote:

>I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Choice and we are trying to get me a minmed
>the square wave bolus. I am now on the D pump which **I** bought out of my
>pocket. Since  I am on pred alot my last 2 A1C  were 11.5 (NOT good) so doc
>thought since I am on pred and have constant pain which also increases blood
>suagrs that the sqaure wave bolus would work better for me. He sent a
>letter of
>necessity plus a perscription..NOW this darned insurance company told me
>that I
>could FIX (??) my D pump into one that does a wave bolus like a minimed???
>Are they NUTS?? 


About a year ago, I began researching ways to make other pumps mimic the
MM507's square wave bolus feature.  I asked Disetronic users for help with
this so that I could understand the exact way in which a Disetronic pump
would work. (thanks Bob) We determined that there wasn't a very effective
way to mimic a square wave with a D pump.  It can be done on the older
MM506, though.  The results of this research became a "howto" on the IP


In short, the reason that a D pump doesn't perform the square wave well is
because the user is unable to specify the duration of a temporary basal
rate increase.  You would be forced to set an artificially high basal rate
and then *hopefully* remember to set it back to normal at the end of the
time for your square wave.  Obviously, this is inherently risky--if you
forget, it's a sure path to hypoglycemia. 

The only other option for D users is to manually program several small
boluses over the desired length of time.  This is tedious at best, and you
also run the risk of becoming distracted and forgetting one or more of your
boluses.  This method is not recommended because of the risk of hyperglycemia.

I suspect your insurance company doesn't really understand the mechanics of
how the different pumps work.  Their statement that you can "fix" a D pump
to deliver a square wave is false.

Good luck!
Mary Jean
<email @ redacted>

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