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[IP] Re: sorry trifona

Eee Gads!

I couldn't imagine relying solely on NPH to combat my diabetes.  Thats
the primary reason i want a pump, to get away from ALL long acting

I primarily use R & NPH, but over the last few months have had alot of
succes in using Humalog in combatting highs as well as using to to
supplement myself before say a big lunch, or a trip to the campus
restaurant / bar.  It comes especially handy when treating middle of the
night lows for me; Ive had to many close calls as well as life
threatening instances where R's long tail has come back to bite me.  The
only time i appreciate using R anymore is when pizza or fatty seafood
(Red Lobster) is on the menu, for those particular items lispro is VERY
ineffective for me.

Hope you feel better soon.

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