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[IP] Re: Grisham's Rainmaker

<<This reminds me of a movie we watched last night where this insurance
denied ALL claims first time around..second time around etc until a mom
had a son with leukemia was not being covered by insurance even though
she paid
premium..they denied her payment for bone marrow so her son died..BUT
insurance company invested in the bone marrow research etc so made some
off of that.\
Anyway...this reminds me of that movie..
Gin who is still awating her approval.>>


My sentiments exactly.  From what my rep told me, the insurance company
has a somewhat narrow window for granting approvals, and then deny the
majority of claimants.  However, those who bother to appeal usually get
approved without too many problems. Just like in the movie, they save
money by not having to pay claims to those who are weak, uneducated,
and/or unwilling to fight the decision on an appeal.

Damn them all to hell!

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