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[IP] sorry trifona

Beevis meant N insulin, not U-40 insulin.  I took U-40 insulin at first then
100 later, but it was always N.  That's where the damage came from.  After I
got the pump, I felt like a million times better.  But after all those years
of all those highs and lows, it was too late for some things.

Like right now, I have a cold.  When I got it I knew what was going to
happen---go to the doctor---find strep throat.  That's the only reason I'm
here typing now.  I should be at work.  The point being, my body cannot
fight infections, hasn't been able to for about the last ten years.

With all of the new advances and treatments for diabetics, doctors and
insurance guys should do their best to JUST HELP US FEEL BETTER!

Fight for yourself, Trifona, never give up and good luck.

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