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Re: [IP] Personal Choice/Blue Cross & Pump Approval

I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Choice and we are trying to get me a minmed with
the square wave bolus. I am now on the D pump which **I** bought out of my own
pocket. Since  I am on pred alot my last 2 A1C  were 11.5 (NOT good) so doc
thought since I am on pred and have constant pain which also increases blood
suagrs that the sqaure wave bolus would work better for me. He sent a
letter of
necessity plus a perscription..NOW this darned insurance company told me
that I
could FIX (??) my D pump into one that does a wave bolus like a minimed???
Are they NUTS?? So back to fighting with them on Monday..anyway..my BGS are
250-300 right now and am having to test and bolus every 3 hours. OI am on
60 mg
pred..and will be on pred for a long time.
What a mess. I guess maybe they hope I will die..
This reminds me of a movie we watched last night where this insurance company
denied ALL claims first time around..second time around etc until a mom who
a son with leukemia was not being covered by insurance even though she paid
premium..they denied her payment for bone marrow so her son died..BUT this
insurance company invested in the bone marrow research etc so made some money
off of that.\
Anyway...this reminds me of that movie..
Gin who is still awating her approval.

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