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[IP] Ouch!! that hurt

I just decided to try the insertion of a Silhouette set that i was able
to procure at a pumpers' meeting to see just how easy it is.

 Boy was I wrong.

I am anything but needle phobic, so when i heard stories of people
having problems with these sets i just didnt really see any cause for
concern on my part....

How things change

That introducer needle is huge!!  Every millimeter i pushed it in i was
greeted with ALOT of pain, and couldnt get it beyond 1/2 way; and im not
skinny by any means (ive got a good layer of fat on my belly that keeps
me warm).  I hope this just a symptom of my ignorance since ive never
used one nor been told how to insert one before.

For other users of the Tender/Silhouette sets, Is there always pain at
insertion?  Personally i dont even feel my regular old insulin

With that huge needle i now understand why people are concerned


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