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Re: [IP] Personal Choice/Blue Cross & Pump Approval

<<Your rep needs to know about getting a letter of medical necessity
from your
endocrinologist.  This will contain descriptions of the hypo episodes
likely have endured to achieve that 5.6%.>>

I never said that we didnt do one of these......my personal letter is in
addition to that one.

<<My insurance co. also wanted my blood test records.  These showed the
balance of highs and lows that I went through to get a1cs of about 6%.>>

I always wondered why they bothered with this request.  If one wanted a
pump bad enough, and these blood sugar records were going to be a
determining factor, im sure most diabetics could "edit" their records to
put them in a more favorable light, no?  Of course if we are talking
about Dr. records than that is a different story.

<<Don't give up.  Call every day.  Having the pump gives me a sense of
and control I can never achieve with MDIs.>>

Give up?? No way....I'll inundate them with paper, calls,
emails....whatever it takes until i get an approval....like i said in my
letter...I will not let a business decision interfere with my treatment

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