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[IP] Personal Choice/Blue Cross & Pump Approval

I am currently waiting for my above mentioned insurance company to
approve me for the pump.  Although I am a prime candidate for pump
therapy based on a number of reasons, my Rep. tells me that simply
because my last A1C was 5.6 and thus below their 7.0 threshold, i will
most certainly be automatically denied on the first go round and thus
will have to appeal the initial decision.

In order to prevent that scenario from happening and thus delay my pump
treatment i wrote a VERY descriptive letter filled with consequences
(both medical and otherwise) of not going on my treatment of choice
ASAP.  So has anyone had to deal with the above mentioned company under
those conditions?  I'd love to hear how they explained for having that
ridiculous threshold.

Oh BTW, Not to disappoint the Minimed wearers out there, but i decided
to go Disetronic.  Although I think that the programming on the 507C was
probably a little bit more intuitive than on the HTron Plus, there were
so many other overriding factors that made the Disetronic the right
choice for me.
Either way, both pumps are excellent products, and other prospective
pumpers shouldn't get too worked up over the pump war saga......just
pick the one that YOU like; there are more similar than dissimilar
so....just get PUMPING!

thanks all...

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