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[IP] Testing in public and minimed in the water

Now for my three cents (inflation, you know):

I have tested in many locations: a bus during a rafting trip, a jet on the
way to florida, too many restaurants to count, dirty bathrooms, clean
bathrooms, in front of my computer class, in back of my computer class,
speeding down the highway (not recommended unless you are as crazy as I
am), in my dentist's chair (he sees enough blood anyway), in the middle of
a physical exam, during sex (oops), and elsewhere.

If I am with a group of people, I always ask if blood bothers anybody. If
anyone objects, I'm off to test somewhere else. In a restaurant, I usually
have enough room in my lap to do everything. When I was on shots (over 11
years ago), I would go to the men's room to shoot up. If the place is clean
enough for me to put my butt down on a seat, I'll can inject sitting down.
If not, I can inject standing up. It is a lot easier with the pump, though.
I try to be discrete as possible in public places, but sometimes it is not

At a fair once, I needed to test and I wasn't about to walk a mile to the
nearest private area. I sat down on some steps and tested. There were
people all around me and noone seemed to notice. I personally felt a little
strange, but that was when I first started testing with strangers around. I
remember once at a ski slope, I went into the men's room to test and used
an area by the sink. There were people all around then, too. I got a few
looks, but again, noone seemed taken aback. That same day, I saw someone
test in the lodge. 

I don't claim to want to teach anyone about diabetes, but I am happy to
talk when asked. Give me a finger and I'll test you too (different lancet
of course).

The WATER issue. I have a MiniMed 507 and I use their waterproof case. I
use it everyday for showering and when I swim in the ocean or a pool. It is
not really cumbersome because it comes with a nice belt that clips easily.
Don't forget, the MiniMed is splash resistant, so a little water shouldn't
hurt it. I hate to say it, but I have managed to drop this thing in the
toilet! I also use this case when I participate in any sport that may cause
harm to the pump. A softball isn't all that soft when it comes at you from
the heaviest hitter on the team.

Well, thanks for reading.


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