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Re: [IP] Adhesive remover/Goo Gone

Both unisolve and the stuff you buy at the hardware store are pretty close to the
same.  They are not harmful, however, if you use them repeatedly and heavily,
Lauren may get rashes, skin reactions, etc...  I used to find that it varied how
long it took for a reaction.  Sometimes I could use it several times a week for a
few weeks with impunity.  Obviously, some people react more than others.  I was
first introduced to both kinds by a nurse friend and she told me that patients
hospitalized for long periods eventually react so I think to it so I think that is
not an uncommon problem.  Using small amounts ocassionally won't hurt anything.

email @ redacted wrote:

> The other day my mother looked at Laura and said "this leftover adhesive looks
> terrible." She then took out her bottle of Goo Gone ($3.oo at Walmart) and
> cleaned Laura's tummy up quick and fast.  Laura loved it because she then
> smelled like an orange!
> Is there any reason NOT to use the Goo Gone?  I don't want to harm her but I
> assumed we needed to use something more "medicalish"  ---
> Just wondering...    Sherri~
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