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[IP] Disconnecting to raft ect.

For some people, disconnecting from their insulin supply can
be very tricky during exercise.  Depending on all those
"YMMV" things, you can easily go hyperglycemic if you
disconnect and then exercise.  (As I understand it, your
body does not have sufficient insulin to counteract the
counter-regulatory hormones that can be produced during
exercise.)  This is supposedly more common on the shorter
insulins, like Humalog.  

I prefer to find a way to do these things with the pump on.


Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 18:27:11 -0600
From: "Buddy Barber" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE: MiniMed vs Disetronic 

    Get the 507C and when you want to go rafting use the QR
and go without
the pump for a couple of hours. If you are rafting you are
probably burning
more carbs and can do without the pump for a while anyway.

507     2 and loving it!

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
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