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[IP] Thanksgiving

Sorry these thoughts are a little after Thanksgiving, but it doesn't hurt
to ponder them the other 364 days a year.

Most of us do have a great deal to be thankful for.  I am so sorry that my
daughter has diabetes and I would do almost anything to change it.  But I
am so glad that we live in a day and age and in a country where we have
access to some of the best care possible.  I am grateful that we have the
pump as well as other technology to control the disease and to make life
more livable.  I am glad that technology is advancing so that we have
options to look forward to, like the continuous glucose monitor, the
implantable pump and beta cell transplants.  I am so grateful for this I-P
list which has taught me more about pumping and other diabetes related
concerns than any education program offered by the traditional medical
community.   Sure diabetes is a tough life, but at least we (those of us
who are pumping and on the I-P list)  are fortunate to have some tools to
fight the disease.  

There are many, here in the U.S., and abroad who are not so fortunate.  I
am particularely moved by the dire circumstances with diabetics in Russia
where children with diabetes with highly educated sophisticated parents do
not know whether they will have insulin in the next year.  Where children
who once were surviving may now die for lack of insulin.  A child with
diabetes in Russia may have have an A1c of 18 because blood test strips are
unavailable.  It is not unusual for a family to cut urine test strips in
half in order to eke out more tests for their children

As Melissa Davis wrote a couple of days ago, there are some people
attempting to help those vulnerable children in Russia.  She published an
email address for those who wish to help.  I can republish it if any one is

I am so thankful that my daughter and I live where we do.  I am thankful
that I am in a position to urge you all to help and not in the position of
worrying about where my daughter's next vial of insulin will come from.  In
Russia, there will be children who are going to die simply because they
have no insulin.  I can think of no greater hell for a parent than to see
his/her child die before his/her eyes just because they can get no insulin.
 That thought absolutely rivets and devastates me.

I have mentioned this before, but the group will be taking supplies over to
about 60 children with diabetes at Christmas time.  They are requesting
that supplies and donations are sent to them no later than December 10. 

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/