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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 25 Nov 98 at 14:46, email @ redacted wrote:

>  I'm having a hard time with all this apparent selfishness and
> inconsideration being put forth by so many of the members of this list.  It
> really is selfishness isn't it?   It has nothing to do with educating the rest
> of the world about the problems we diabetics face each day.  Indeed, putting
> syringes and bleeding fingers on restaurant tables is hardly an effective way
> to educate the masses!  Why make someone look away or have them faint if you
> want to teach?  

So we should go to the toilet that hasn't been cleaned in a couple of years, 
wait in line to get to the counter, have some drunk throw up on your meter 
while you're trying to balance it on the edge of the sink... and just because 
someone else might get queasy at the site of a drop of blood...  and they just 
ordered their steak rare?  And they are on their way to see "Enemy of the 
State", "Bride of Chuckie" or some slasher movie?  There's more blood on the 
evening news and I wonder if those "queasy" folks complain about that...

> To me it boils down to a question of human dignity. 

That's the question, isn't it.  Do I have to hide to take care of myself or do 
I have the right to quietly take care of my needs where ever I am?  Do I have 
to wait to check my blood glucose until I am totally alone so no one is 
offended?  You don't have to make a production out of it - but some people will 
think that you are, because Aunt Bessie has had diabetes for years, and all she 
does is take that one shot in the morning and she's fine... well, she just lost 
one leg and she's mostly blind, but she doesn't do anything to embarass the 
rest of the family... come to think of it, she hasn't been seen at any of the 
family events for the past seven or eight years...  but that's fine too, 
because she isn't embarassing anyone...  The key is dignity - with today's 
equipment you can test your bg in less than two minutes and if you're good with 
a tissue nobody will ever see the drop of blood.  If you use a pump or pen then 
they don't have to see the needle either...  but you don't have to hide out of 
fear of offending anyone. 

How will you react when someone tells you to keep your daughter hidden at home 
because she offends someone?  I've been there - dealing with people who think 
that all "defective" children should be kept hidden...  because they should 
have been "dealt with" before birth.  There are a lot of these people running 
around loose today...  and they are offended at anything other than the right 
hair color, right skin color and proper political attitudes...  

Randall P. Winchester
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