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Re: [IP] Ann Landers & co.

On 25 Nov 98 at 14:20, email @ redacted wrote:

>      I would strongly vote for the 'quiet, subdued' approach in this.  
>      While the law says that one can breast-feed in public there are many
>      people who find this 'innappropriate', expecially around small kids (and
>      teenage boys).  

This is the wise way - a quiet, subdued, no-nonsense approach.  You just go 
ahead and test without making a fuss.  Use some discretion - you're not talking 
about a huge amount of blood or more than a few minutes.  Turn the beeper off 
on your meter, carry an empty test strip container to dispose of the used strip 
in and just do it.  If you're quick enough you will be done before anyone 
really notices what you're doing...   With care, we can all be "rude and 
insensitive" and nobody will notice it...  
Randall P. Winchester
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