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Re: [IP] pumping questions

At 04:20 PM 11/26/1998  Neal & Kara wrote:

>I feel bad about contributing, in part, to the "which pump" dispute.  I am
>one of the "newbies" someone else referred to and was only interested in
>gathering as much info as possible, including anectdotal, before I decided
>who gets my sizable co-pay and deductable.   It was not my intent to offend
>anyone, or cause controversy.

Don't feel bad at all. You are definitely not the first. In fact, this
seems to happen here about once a month. That's the reason I posted my
pump-wars guidelines... nothing personal at all. After all, how were you to

>Based on everything I have heard and read, including the posts on this
>board,  I have come to the conclusion  that the two pumps work equally well.
>If one pump were really superior to the other, this would become common
>knowledge, real fast. (which, obviously, hasn't happened).

You are absolutely right. All things being equal, you will like whicherver
pump you use. The overall benefits far outweigh the relatively minor
differences between them.

> I am going to go with the pump that my doctor and nurse practitioner work
>with the most because that makes them more comfortable which, in turn, makes
>me more comfortable.

This is what usually happens. In that way you'll be using equipment that
your medical support team is familiar with. Unless you like being a pioneer
and feel comfortable learning all this on your own, most of us go with the
pump that we can get the best local support for. 

>I go on saline next week.

Congratulations... please keep us posted. And feel free to ask questions...
no matter which pump you use.


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