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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 24 Nov 98 at 16:07, SRB wrote:

> ok ok ok.. I dont get it. You guys make it sound like the whole world is
> against us.  That 'they' have to understand 'us' but we are not required
> to understand 'them' My brother faints at the site of blood. Faints..
> Dead out right there faints. Now the way you guys talk I am NOT to be
> understanding of him and say "to hell with you I am Diabetic and I will
> bleed anywhere I please" Excuse me but life is a 2 way street. We are
> NOT better than anyone one else I personally refuse to ask for or expect
> special treatment because I am diabetic. Now if I test in public and a
> person sees my blood and faints dead out like my brother, whos the
> inconsiderate one????????

So I'm supposed to stand up at the restaurant and make a production by 
announcing that anyone who faints at the site of blood should not look?  Human 
nature guarantees that they'll look.  Or I'm supposed to go into a cramped, 
dim, dirty, smelly, crowded little room and try to juggle my meter around 
five other guys trying to get to the sink, towel dispenser and trash can? 

I've tested in all kinds of places - and you get the worst reactions from 
chance observers when you try to hide.  If your behavior seems like you are 
trying to hide something from view then people's curiosity is aroused and they 
tend to try to investigate.  If you just go ahead quietly and without comment 
you don't incite that curiosity - many times what you are doing doesn't even 
rise to their awareness...  best to just proceed without making an issue of 

Randall P. Winchester
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