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Re: [IP] Turkeys

Real turkeys:

1. Dr Death and his associate Nurse Ratchett... who have the ironclad 
impossible and invariant schedule and regime that allows no variation, no life 
and no flexibility and proclaim loudly to the world that "we have all the tools 
we need to treat these people" while telling their patients "if you'd just 
comply with the program..."

2. The doctors who think that one basal rate is good for the whole day...

3. The doctors/medical professionals who don't want children to be on pumps 
because it's "too difficult"...  as if MDI is easy?

4. All insurance company officials, government bureaucrats and others who seem 
to think it's cheaper to let people with diabetes die from complications 
instead of providing decent treatment...

5. Anyone who disagrees with me on anything (just kidding!)

Randall P. Winchester
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* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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