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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 24 Nov 98 at 9:23, email @ redacted wrote:

> Right on Scott.  I think maybe those of us who agree with Ann should send her
> a letter telling her that not all diabetics seek to make others uncomfortable
> in restaurants.   There's just no reason to put blood and syringes on a dining
> room table. 

I doubt that anyone is seeking to make others uncomfortable, any more than the 
person who sat down behind me one night at a restaurant and emmitted a pretty 
bad "beer belch" after getting a few too many down while waiting for his food.  
That offended me and my family much more than seeing someone test their bg or 
take a shot...  maybe we can get people who drink forced to take their 
disgusting habit and hide it in the dirty, smelly toilet too...

> I've seen people with babies changing diapers in restaurants, using similar
> inconsiderate arguments and logic. We are only talking about personal behavior
> at tables in public restaurants after all,  not whether people understand or
> sympathize with the problems we diabetics deal with on a daily basis.  It's a
> question of decency, manners, and discretion. -wm

The questions of decency, manners and discretion are heavily culturally biased 
though.  I've had people in Detroit act in ways that I found rude and insulting 
while a collegue from that area thought they were being pretty friendly...  And 
in Philadelphia I once got a verbal chewing out from a woman who was coming out 
of a door at the corporate offices and I held the door for her instead of 
charging in and running into her (I'm a "genuine Southern Gentleman...)   
Around here and further south the ladies act more civilized...  

Given that I've had more trouble with restaruants, hotels and airlines taking 
offence at me carrying "drug paraphenalia"  (insulin syringes) in the Chicago - 
St. Louis area I think a lot of it can be dismissed as regional differences.  
As a society we are proclaiming general tolerance and acceptance while 
forgetting to practice any form of real tolerance or acceptance for those 
who are unlike ourselves...  A lot of people seem to have developed some kind 
of hypersensitivity because it seems like they go around looking for things 
that offend them...  and if you look for things to be offended by you'll find 
them all around you.

Randall P. Winchester
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