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Re: [IP] One Vs other

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Christene Ullom wrote:

> With delivering a low amount.  I have some pump members on 20 to 25 units
> daily, using MiniMed just fine.  The Disetronic has a 24 basal rate
> capability, but the new MiniMed 507C has 48..
> I would choice the one that makes you more comfortable, and if the options
> of one out weigh the other for you. Then go for it. I personally like the

> I just use one basal rate all day long, how many basals do others have on
> this list?

Multiple basal rates over 4 or 5 do not benefit 90% of pumpers. Whether 
there are 20 or 40 really doesn't matter. Take a look at the chart on the 
ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page that shows that most pumpers use 3 basal rates 
and a slightly smaller number use 4. There are folks who use, and I'm 
sure need, more than that but gettin' to 20 is gonna be real tough. 
That's one an hour and the insulin takes a couple of hours to get 
absorbed. I think we are into the world of 'hype' again with the benefits 
of that many basal rates. Anybody out there using 15 or even 10 rates 
speak right up and tell me I'm wrong (I'm really very curious).\

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