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[IP] re: Costs

It is interesting the difference between the costs at the website and from
my supplier.  Even when you account for the currency difference, it is
strange that the relative prices are different.  Sof-sets and Silhouettes
shouldn't be C$4 apart if it is the same prices with just the exchange
rate, as I have been told.

Silhouettes     10 for C$140 = C$14 each
Sof-Sets        24 for C$240 = C$10 each
Sof-set QR      12 for C$145 = C$12 each

Thanks for the info Christine -  I never looked at the costs on the website
before since it is for US customers only.  I think I will talk to my rep.

>cost for infusion sets.

>Silhouettes  10 for $97.00 ( From MiniMed Web site) [US$9.70 each]
>Soft sets    12 for $120 ( From MiniMed web site    [US$10 each]


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