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Re: [IP] pumping questions

I can't resist. Although my preference is for the MM, there is no 
particular reason other than familiarity at this point and it is the pump 
of choice by my daughter. 

Try to look at it this way, if there was only ONE PUMP and it was the 
"OTHER ONE", would you stick with shots?  I think not. Stop the 
bickering, they are both good pieces of equipment and both companies and 
their advocates each have there own set of overlaping hype.

All we do as a group is confuse the poor newbies with this continuing 'my 
pump is better than your pump" stuff. Give it a rest.


On Wed, 25 Nov 
1998, Kasey Sikes wrote:

> It's funny...Kayla's doctor said the MiniMed was the better one for low
> basal rates for all the same reasons.  :-)  Guess that just proves that
> both pumps are GREAT and BETTER than no pump at all.  Just flip a coin
> and pick one.  I'm sure you'll fall in love with your choice and *know*
> you made the best choice.  :)
> Kasey
> > This is interesting... I'm curious as to the basis for this information. I
> > use a MiniMed and normally use less than 20 units/day basal. I also know
> > there are a lot of children who are pumping with the MiniMed that take a
> > whole lot less than that. Since the MiniMed allows you to program the
> > basals in 0.1 increments, I'm just wondering what the Disetronic does
> > differently to make low amounts deliver better.
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