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Re: [IP] Blood Testing

I always poke in the same finger and on the side. The nerves have been desensitized. I'm hapy with the new meters LifeScan FastTake and Accucheck Complete with the new "comfort strips". I use the FastTake when I'm out somewhere as I can cary it on my belt.

>>> Carl Baker <email @ redacted> 11/25 4:30 PM >>>
The most anxiety that I'm experiencing regarding starting on the insulin
pump is going from 2-3 blood sugar tests a day to 4-6.  I hate testing due
to inconvenience and often sore fingers.  I'm concerned that I may do less
testing than recommended.  Any suggestions out there?  I use a spring loaded
pen type lancet holder.  Maybe there's a less painful method?  Or maybe the
improved blood sugar levels will be incouragement enough?  Words of experience


I've read both the home page reports.
One likes MiniMed the other likes Disetronic.
For me I will expect to take one unit per hour basal. So Disetronic
will pulse insulin every 3 minutes and MiniMed will pulse every 6 minutes.
The pro Disetronic home page had a pulse every 30 minutes. And clearly
the Disetronic model was best for him when he had to disconnect temporarily. His reliability issues were anecdotal. Do I want to hear clicking
or whirring? Whirring would be nicer.

Oh, about the extra stress. I hope we exhausted that topic.

>>>I'd love to just be able to point people to a good site that has all of the
objective data the next time that we get a question about which pump is
better. It might save this list from a lot of extra stress.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/