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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

My best friend's husband also passes out at the sight of blood but has
chosen, time and time again, to walk away from the dinner table (in
his own
home) to allow my husband the 2-3 minutes he needs to test his blood
level before we begin eating.
  Then In my opinion your Husband is lucky that this man is so understanding. If it were MY home I would ask that your husband please do his testing in a private area. Now if I were in your home and your husband wanted to test on the ceiling.. its his home. But your husband shows no consideration for others especially  if the other gentleman walks away obviously it bothers him and to allow another persons actions to bother me in my own home is not going to happen.  My whole point is well stated in the message from Wayne a few postings ago...  We should be considerate especially around strangers.  Sounds like alot of selfishness to me as well