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Hello Everyone,

There has been so much talk about Ann Landers lately.  I thought some of you
might find this interesting and want to respond to it.


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Diabetes Interview needs your expert opinions.

Ann Landers wrote in her column this week that people with diabetes who
test their sugars and inject insulin at a restaurant table exhibit "gross
insensitivity and very poor manners."

What do you think? We'd like to get your thoughts on her statement and
publish them in our January issue.

Sharon Kellaher

And from Daniel Trecroci...

I'm doing a story on Gymnema sylvestre and its medicinal qualities in
regulating blood sugar in people with diabetes. I was wondering if I could
ask you a few questions.

(1) Have you ever heard of Gymnema sylvestre, or tried medication which
contains its extract?

(2) If you have tried Gymnema sylvestre, did it have any noticeable effects
on controlling your blood sugars.

(3) How seriously would you take a claim that says Gymnema sylvestre
normalizes blood sugar AND "regenerates beta and islet cells in the
pancreatic tissue of lab rats?

(4) Would you try a medication that makes such a claim?



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