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Re: [IP] pre-pump protocol

I can definitely relate.  It took two years of asking every 3 months "can I go
on the pump now".  My Endo kept making excuses or giving me things I needed to
do and he would see at my next visit.  I also had to spend 2 days in the
hospital having my BG taken every hour on the hour for 48 hrs so he could
adjust my basal rates, etc. I did not have to see a psychiatrist.  But after
going on the pump I did find out the Endo really knew nothing about the pump,
how it worked, etc and I began questioning if I really began to have trouble
with it and the Diabetes Educator was not available or no longer there what
was I going to do????  Solution:  Found an Endo that actually wore it for 48
hrs with Saline going through it to learn how it worked and what the patients
have to deal with.  You are not alone!!!!!!!
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