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Re: [IP] Re: Sofset problem

In a message dated 98-11-25 09:02:13 EST, you write:

<< Are you saying that Medicaid only approves the Softset delivery
 system? What is their reasoning?  And it does release for bathing or
 such.  I am having a hard time believing that insurance would only
 approve one type of infusion set.  I mean, I believe you, I just think
 some insurance places are nuts!!!  Silhouettes are cheaper than
 Softsets.  I would strongly recommend fighting this one and getting
 the doctor behind it.  >>
Bonnie...the sofset in question does not have the quick release gadget.
Medicaid consideres the quick release a "convenience", not a necessity. I plan
to do more research on costs and collect data from some of my patients on
Medicaid to see what I can do to educate the approver of suppleis.  Thanks for
your response.

Barbara B. 
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