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Re: [IP] One Vs other

> With delivering a low amount.  I have some pump members on 20 to 25 units
> daily, using MiniMed just fine.  The Disetronic has a 24 basal rate
> capability, but the new MiniMed 507C has 48..

Kayla has a 3.3 unit total basal rate for 24 hours.  She's on 0.1 units
per hour for most of that time and uses the MiniMed pump.  We've not had
a single problem with the tubing clogging.  When she was using the 506
we did have a few no delivery alarms.  Since getting the 507C the only
no delivery alarms we've gotten were due to trying to stretch from 3
days per set to 4 days.  As long as we change sets every 3 days we don't
get the alarms.

Again, both pumps are better no pump!

Kayla's mom
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/