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Re: [IP] One Vs other & pump wars

At 02:05 PM 11/25/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>I was first drawn to disetronic based on aesthetics, but it's function soon
>became more impressive than its form. As for pump wars, my guess is that
>these can be attributed to the companys' salespeople. My nephew got a
>Minimed based heavily on a Minimed rep showing him what an unsheathed
>Disetronic tender looks like, saying "here's THEIRS." If you've any
>experience with a tender, you know only half of that length is actually
>inserted, and besides, the infusion sets are interchangeable between D and
>M. (as I understand it).

And, now MinMed sells the same thing, which they call the Silhouette. I
dislike any sales rep which resorts to scare tactics or bashing the
competition. Both are good pumps with enough good features to sell themselves.


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