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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

   Excellent response.....I doubt anyone who posted in oppostion to the Ann
Landers' column was advocating blatant "in your face" confrontational tactics.
Rather, the objection was to her blanket condemnation of "injecting in public"
as "grossly insensitive." Forgetting my own child's role in this, I realized
today that my dad, at age 78, has difficulty walking & seeing ( lost an eye to
glaucoma) but still works & is very active in a professional organization.
Does this mean that he must choose  not to attend public gatherings where he
might have to inject, since the option of walking a distance to a bathroom
might not be feasible??? As far as taking the injection ahead of time, one of
the many benefits of the pump for Melissa is NOT having to contend with that
nightmare of "uh oh..took the shot..the food's STILL not here....now what"!  I
applaud my dad's willingness to test in public, take his shots  and keep his
bgs in good control - as opposed to his nephew, whom I've previously written
about here, who passed away in the spring from diabetic complications at age
51 because he would NEVER EVER allow anyone to see him doing what he should
have been doing to maintain his health. 

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