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[IP] Ann Landers... I couldn't resist

Well, I tried to hold out, but couldn't any longer. This is my response to
Ann Landers.
I read your column in which you essentially said that doing diabetic
procedures at the dining table was insensitive and rude. I think there are
two sides to this issue. 

Yes, in deference to those that are squeamish, diabetics should attempt to
be as discrete as possible. However, with that said, the big production
that was mentioned in the letter is not done for show, but is a mandatory
life-saving process that every insulin-dependent diabetic must go through
every day (usually multiple times each day). As a diabetic for 20 years, I
can say that we did not ask for this disease. It is an auto-immune
disorder, not brought on by anything that we've done. Insulin is NOT a
cure, but only allows us to keep on living for as long as we continue to
follow a rigid procedure for a daily schedule, diet, constant blood-testing
and injections. The penalty for not following this regime is (among others)
amputations, blindness and death. 

Many of us have retired to the bathroom to do our daily rituals. This is
not only an unsanitary location, but in public places can lead to
accusations of drug abuse. There are documented cases where diabetics have
been taken to jail because they were taking insulin in a public  bathroom.

Since we are not ashamed of our condition, many of us refuse to hide in the
closet and bathroom any longer. I try to be as discrete as possible, but if
people are offended, they can turn their head. I think, with the prevalence
of diabetes in this country, the other guests should just be grateful that
it's not happening to them. 

I think you owe the diabetics of America an apology.
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