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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

No Scott, You dont get it. Nobody wants to bully anyone into watching the
"blood letting".  If you read the original post carefully, which included
the Ann Landers response, you will see that Mrs. Anonymus and her relatives
chose NOT to let her diabetic relative know about their feelings on the
matter so as not to offend a "sensitive" individual. What was offensive to
the posters of this news group was Ms. Landers blanket  statement to the
effect that diabetics should know better than to test their blood and inject
in public. Why? My husband, brother and grandparents were and are diabetics.
I cannot even imagine trying to make them or any other diabetic hide out.
What she might have been praised for instead, would have been an answer that
perhaps diabetics could ask the people that they are with if they could
possibly look away for a few moments in order to save them from the
distasteful chore of performing their necessary duties in the restroom.
Additionally, she might have suggested as an alternative, that since they
were talking about a relative's home, one might go into a bedroom or den
instead. Furthermore, what I find most appalling, is that Ms. Landers, who
is always advocating speaking out on important matters,  A) never told Mrs.
Anonymus to speak up to the relative in question, and B) chose to stay quiet
on a matter of grave importance to so much of the populace.
My best friend's husband also passes out at the sight of blood but has
chosen, time and time again, to walk away from the dinner table (in his own
home) to allow my husband the 2-3 minutes he needs to test his blood sugar
level before we begin eating. When we go out to dinner, my husband tests his
blood in the car prior to going into the restaurant (he feels its easier
than taking his kit in with him). I am sure others on this ng have other
alternatives. But rather than asking for some from the diabetic populace at
large, Ms. Landers chose to berate rather than educate!!!
Eleanor Pelcyger  <---proud wife of a pumping diabetic, Stuart Pelcyger

SRB wrote:

> ok ok ok.. I dont get it. You guys make it sound like the whole world is
> against us.  That 'they' have to understand 'us' but we are not required
> to understand 'them' My brother faints at the site of blood. Faints..
> Dead out right there faints. Now the way you guys talk I am NOT to be
> understanding of him and say "to hell with you I am Diabetic and I will
> bleed anywhere I please" Excuse me but life is a 2 way street. We are
> NOT better than anyone one else I personally refuse to ask for or expect
> special treatment because I am diabetic. Now if I test in public and a
> person sees my blood and faints dead out like my brother, whos the
> inconsiderate one????????
> Scott
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