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[IP] Costs

cost for infusion sets.

Silhouettes  10 for $97.00 ( From MiniMed Web site)
Soft sets    12 for $120 ( From MiniMed web site

Disetronic Rapids: (no QR) 25 for $138.00 ( from Disetronic them selves
called the 800#)

If there is a problem with the soft set, I would see if Medicaid wouldn't go
for the rapids, they are a very short needle, and doesn't cause a problem if
it is bumped. I know from personal experience.  For me this causes the least
amount of tissue damage.  A major draw back is the no QR option, but the
comfort and bennes are worth it.  I use it with just IV3000 over it.. And it
stays in place very well.  

I have never had a problem with it coming loose, or a problem with a clog, I
have had clogs or kinks with the soft sets and silhouettes.   And I do have
a MiniMed pump.  The infusion sets are interchangeable.  The reservoirs are
a little different, but the rest of the stuff works.  Which would have to
be, the same company makes both, then markets with the different labels.  

Just some info..

Christene Ullom
If you think you're too small to be effective,
you've never been in bed with a mosquito. 
- Raymond Sharp 
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