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[IP] Ann Landers & co.

     I tried my best NOT to write on this topic, but....
     I have been traveling to work on a public bus for the last four years 
     (trip is almost two hours each direction)!
     I have taken blood sugars on the bus at least once and sometimes twice 
     on a ride.  
     I have taken blood sugars at work at my desk (which is semi-open) and 
     in meetings (completely open) and at various and assundry other 
     I've only had problems once or twice: the worst is my own almost 13 
     year old daughter who (again) got disgusted by the 'bleeding boo=boo' 
     on my tummy when I pulled a catheter out.  (I asked her for a tissue 
     or paper towel and she left in disgust.  Three or four paper towels 
     and ten minutes later....)
     I would say that one should be cautious (discreet) in their dealings 
     with non-standard things BUT that doesn't mean one should completely 
     I would strongly vote for the 'quiet, subdued' approach in this.  
     While the law says that one can breast-feed in public there are many 
     people who find this 'innappropriate', expecially around small kids 
     (and teenage boys).  
     Yerachmiel Altman

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