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Re: [IP] Re: Sofset problem


Sometimes if you (or me is really what I mean) use too many layers of tape it
actually comes off more easily because it is thicker.  I find that the tape in
the Sof Set package works well for some spots and if I add a Polyskin across the
top, it helps anchor it in place. You need to make sure the Polyskin extends well
beyond the edges of the tape (I've never figured out what they call the stuff in
the package, but I know you all will know) so that you have to pull each part up

I find my lower stomach is less likely to get disloged or crimped, especially
when I am lifting things (or children) and it is easier not to rub out.  The bent
needles may also cause long term problems.  Perhaps the answer would be to find
sites that the sof sets work well in (where they go in deep, and can be taped in
tightly without getting dislodged and others where the bent needles are more
successful.  As I remember, in the old pump needle days (pre sof sets, etc) my
needles frequently came out -- it just wasn't such a big deal since you could
slide them back in.  The bent needles might help in this regard.

Hope that might help a little.


email @ redacted wrote:

> I have a new pumper who seems to have a problem keeping her Sofsets in place.
> It seems that the set creeps back out of the skin after insertion.  We have
> tried Hypafix, Skin Prep,  and "sandwiched" between a Polyskin and the IV
> 2000. She has no options on using other sets as Medicaid only approves the
> Sofset without the Quick Release. We may have to switch to the needle sets,
> but she is a Mom of an active 2 year old, and the possibility of getting the
> needle site bumped is something to contend with. Any suggestions from the
> group would be greatly appreciated.
> Barbara B.
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