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Re: [IP] Pumping Questions

> Minimed uses a solenoid to push insulin a tenth of a unit at a time.  If a
> user has a basal dose of 8-tenths of a unit hourly, the Minimed will click
> eight times an hour, or once about every seven and half minutes.  In
> delivery of boluses of, say, 6-1/2 units, the Minimed will click 65 times
> and it will take several minutes to deliver.
> Disetronics pump an infinitely variable dose of insulin through a screw
> drive.  Five percent of hourly basal dosages are delivered each three
> minutes.   In the above case, 8/10 unit per hour, 4/100 unit is delivered
> each three minutes.  The above cited bolus of 6-1/2 units is silently pumped
> in a matter of seconds.

The slower Minimed bolus is a real advantage if you are using humalog and for
large meals where distributing the insulin over even a slightly longer period
helps me come out much more evenly, especially when you eat meals with fat,
protein, or a good sized portion.  This is especially helpful if you have been
diabetic for a while and have those small undiagnosed signs of gastroparesis.
The fast delivery can also cause the insulin to burn a little bit and if you
have hypertrophy from the sensitivity to the insulin, slowing the delivery down
even a little bit will help (it will help as much as you slow it down so
obviously more is better but even a little helps)

Having said that...the faster smoother delivery is a real advantage if you
forget to bolus ahead, if you eat very fast high carb foods non fat candy, if
you are too high and need a bang to bring you down.

Since I tend to encounter both situations often, and the first ones just a
little more often than the second, the Minimed is fine.  But basically, a new
diabetic might find the disetronic more comfortable, someone who has been
diabetic for a long time might find the Minimed more helpful, etc....  I suspect
most of us encounter both kinds of circumstances periodically.

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