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[IP] Re:Ann Landers

>Now the way you guys talk I am NOT to be understanding of him and say "to
>hell with you I am Diabetic and I will bleed anywhere I please" Excuse me but
>life is a 2 way street. We are NOT better than anyone one else I personally
>refuse to ask for or expect special treatment because I am diabetic. 

Scott I don't think anyone is asking for special treatment here just respect
and tolerance.  My husband is terrified of needles And I manage to take shots
in front of him without his knowledge or even inserting my pump.

>They are also often cramped, poorly lit and have 
>a lot of traffic in and out, thus exposing you to more people who will watch
>see if you are "taking drugs."  I speak from personal experience - I have had
>diabetes for almost seventeen years.  I know what it's like to try to find a
>clean, quiet, and private area to test my blood glucose and take an insulin
shot.  >I've also had people make snide remarks about "druggie" when I have
risked >using the restrooms. 

Randall P. Winchester I just want to say bravo on your letters.  

I have also had the "druggie" references.  And on one unfortunate occasion had
the police called on me while in a bathroom.  I showed the cops the insulin
and my medic alert but they decided I needed to go to the station and talk!
the ignorant bastards (sorry but thats how I feel) they had me go before a
Judge and all.  thats where it got funny the judges wife is insulin dependent
needless to say I got a big apology.  But ever sense I have gave my shots out
in the open.

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