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[IP] Ann Landers - fainting at blood

It's making me so angry to hear about how offensive we are to people who
become faint at the sight of blood or needles.  I used to be one of those
people... and then I got diabetes.  I think "respect" is the operative
word here.  Those people should be glad they don't have to be the one
using the needle, and learn to look away when they come into contact with
a diabetic testing themselves -- which anyway, how often does that
happen?  How many diabetics do you notice every day, and how often do
they happen to be checking their sugar?  

As Sara said, I will test wherever and whenever I want, and when my
friends look away because they think it's "gross," fine.  I didn't invent
the needle.  It's a part of everyday life.. of flu shots, taking blood,
giving life... and all these queasy people are going to have to deal with
it sooner or later at their own doctor's office anyway.  I will not nurse
their phobias.  

Besides, don't these same people who get "queasy" at our needles go out
and watch "Enemy of the State," "Single White Female," and "Halloween???"
Or is it ok to watch blood when it's for entertainment value?



Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

Don't anthropomorphize nature; it hates that.

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