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Re: [IP] pumping questions

At 07:15 AM 11/25/1998  Kasey Sikes wrote:
>It's funny...Kayla's doctor said the MiniMed was the better one for low
>basal rates for all the same reasons.  :-)  Guess that just proves that
>both pumps are GREAT and BETTER than no pump at all.  Just flip a coin
>and pick one.  I'm sure you'll fall in love with your choice and *know*
>you made the best choice.  :)

I think doctors & nurses are like everyone else... they go with what they
know and feel comfortable with. At my clinic, the MiniMed sales rep (who is
also a pumper, himself) has been very active and the people up here are all
very familiar with the MiniMed... so that's what they recommend. The new
Disetronics rep is just starting to become active in the Pacific NW, but
obviously has a lot of work cut out for them. 

I had made my choice, based on my own (not very scientific) research prior
to talking to the CDE... my decision just happened to be the MiniMed. But,
I'm sure that I would have been perfectly happy with either brand.

In this country, you have the right to be wrong... of course, my opinions
are always right (except when they are left).   <vbg> 
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