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Re: [IP] You do get used to it....

At 05:01 AM 11/25/1998  Lynn Mohlenhoff wrote:
>After one year two months on the pump I had a unique experience this
>morning.  One I would not have believed when I started pumping.
>It is change morning this morning and I am in my normal routine.  Walk,
>shower, dress... I'm halfway dressed and about to start the hair wars
>with the blowdryer when I stop cold and say to myself... Hey dummy, you
>forgot to put your pump in.  Walked into the room where I keep
>everything and then realize the pump is sitting in its normal spot on my
>Only point to this story is the answer to the question I frequently see
>from those who are thinking about the pump.  If you asked me before I
>would have said no... Now I have to admit, Yes, you do get used to
>having this thing attached twenty four hours a day.  You can even forget
>it's there.

I'm so used to it that I sometimes even forget to bolus at mealtime. I
never missed shots when I was on MDI. The pump is so easy that I have
gotten out of my usual routine. I guess I need a little buzzer or a
flashing light that signals: "Hey, you dummy... didn't you just forget
something??" After almost 6 months I forget that it's there most of the time. 


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