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Re: [IP] Pump-wars

At 06:25 AM 11/25/1998  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
>I agree with you 100%.  I've been on the Disetronic for a little over a month.
>I am happy with it, but I also never really investigated both pumps.  I happy
>with it because of the flexibility.  I was on 6-8 shots a day and three
>different insulin's.  I've also received great customer service from
>Disetronic.  ( Hey, what can I say, I've caught them all while having a "good
>hair day".  :*) ).  I really like the fact that I don't have to disconnect for
>baths and showers.  That was one thing I really really disliked when I as on a
>Pump back in the 80's, it's these small quirks that bring us so much pleasure.
>What still amazes me is how much nicer the pump is now than the 80's.   I was
>originally on a Lilly CPI.  What a difference!
>Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write some guidelines.  I really can't
>think of anything to add.

A pump is such a personal choice, I can't see any one pump as being the
ultimate answer. It's like the Ford vs Chevy or PC vs Mac discussions that
go on endlessly. We're all diabetic (er... Insulin Challenged) and pumpers.
We have a lot of common ground. Let's stick with what we share rather than
focus on our differences.

(looking for "Peace in our time")

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