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Re: [IP] pumping questions

It's funny...Kayla's doctor said the MiniMed was the better one for low
basal rates for all the same reasons.  :-)  Guess that just proves that
both pumps are GREAT and BETTER than no pump at all.  Just flip a coin
and pick one.  I'm sure you'll fall in love with your choice and *know*
you made the best choice.  :)


> This is interesting... I'm curious as to the basis for this information. I
> use a MiniMed and normally use less than 20 units/day basal. I also know
> there are a lot of children who are pumping with the MiniMed that take a
> whole lot less than that. Since the MiniMed allows you to program the
> basals in 0.1 increments, I'm just wondering what the Disetronic does
> differently to make low amounts deliver better.
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