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Re: [IP] Pump-wars


I agree with you 100%.  I've been on the Disetronic for a little over a month.
I am happy with it, but I also never really investigated both pumps.  I happy
with it because of the flexibility.  I was on 6-8 shots a day and three
different insulin's.  I've also received great customer service from
Disetronic.  ( Hey, what can I say, I've caught them all while having a "good
hair day".  :*) ).  I really like the fact that I don't have to disconnect for
baths and showers.  That was one thing I really really disliked when I as on a
Pump back in the 80's, it's these small quirks that bring us so much pleasure.
What still amazes me is how much nicer the pump is now than the 80's.   I was
originally on a Lilly CPI.  What a difference!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write some guidelines.  I really can't
think of anything to add.


Sam Skopp wrote:

> We seem to get into these "my pump is better than your pump" discussions on
> a regular basis (pump-wars). I wish we had some guidelines governing these
> type of messages. That way we wouldn't constantly get tangled with these
> emotional issues without any positive benefit.
> Here are some of my ideas... I'd appreciated input from others on the list.
> 1. Talk positively about what you like about your pump. Everyone should
> have a lot that they like about their pump.
> 2. Don't mention or put-down features of the other brand. Bashing the other
> brand is counter-productive and does not help us make informed decisions.
> This is especially true if you've never actually used the other brand.
> 3. If you have questions, criticisms or suggestions for improvements of a
> pump's features, do so only for the type of pump you currently use. Make
> sure that your comments are made in a helpful vein. Honest questions are
> always welcome.
> 4. If you are going to mention specific design, engineering, medical and/or
> scientific concepts concerning your pump and it's use of insulin, be
> prepared with the source material, so we can all locate and read it. This
> is an opportunity for learning and sharing.
> 5. We are here to share information in a friendly way. No personal attacks
> at any time.
> Sam
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