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[IP] You do get used to it....

After one year two months on the pump I had a unique experience this
morning.  One I would not have believed when I started pumping.

It is change morning this morning and I am in my normal routine.  Walk,
shower, dress... I'm halfway dressed and about to start the hair wars
with the blowdryer when I stop cold and say to myself... Hey dummy, you
forgot to put your pump in.  Walked into the room where I keep
everything and then realize the pump is sitting in its normal spot on my

Only point to this story is the answer to the question I frequently see
from those who are thinking about the pump.  If you asked me before I
would have said no... Now I have to admit, Yes, you do get used to
having this thing attached twenty four hours a day.  You can even forget
it's there.

Happy Thanksgiving.  And in the Thanksgiving vein, thank's to all our
vocal members who give great support and advice to us "lurkers" who
quietly absorb it.

IDDM  Dx 4/97, Pumping 9/97 (very proactive DR!), Age 47, no
complications, lots of fears.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/