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[IP] 3 forums in December with Dr. Vinik!!

Hi!  I hope it's ok to post this here!  I wanted to let you all know about the
forums I'm having in December and also about the collection we're having for the
Russian Kids!  Here is the letter I sent out to my own mailing list last weekend!
If you'd like to get on my list and receive future mailings about what is going on
in my chat room or at my website, please email me personally and I'll add you to my
address book!

Thanks... and here's the letter....

HI Everyone,

I know you all have been anxious to hear the details of what I have planned for
Dr. Aaron I. Vinik of The Diabetes Institutes Foundation has agreed to come and chat
us for a series of 3 forums!  They will be held on Dec. 3, 10 and 17 at 10pm EST
CST, 8pm MST, 7pm PST and 2pm on Friday in Sydney, Aus.) on each night, in my chat
room at http://virtualnurse.com/Chat/Diabetes/   Dr. Vinik has been working on Islet
Regeneration and also the reversal of Neuropathy.   He and his team discovered
which is a pancreatic islet growth factor, and INGAP, a new gene they believe
diabetes and restores the insulin producing cells.  Dr. Vinik is prepared to answer
questions about INGAP and islet cell regeneration in an easy to understand manner.
understand he is a very eloquent speaker and a fast typer!  *G*  I also hope to
dedicate one
of those evenings to Neuropathy, as I feel this to be a topic of great interest for
many of
you.  To help you prepare for the evenings with Dr. Vinik, you should visit these

1.  The Diabetes Institutes Foundation homepage - http://www.dif.org/index.shtml

2.  An overview of Dr. Vinik's research activities -

3.  A clinical article about INGAP at the JCI website -

4.  A short article announcing the discovery of INGAP at Doctor's Guide -

Also, feel free to email Anna Goldenberg of The diabetes Institutes Foundation at
email @ redacted who will be happy to mail you brochures about their facility and
of the articles about when INGAP was discovered.  I hope you will join us for these
forums, the first one being Thursday, December 3rd at 10pm EST.

I've gathered other news for you also.  I've updated the webpage concerning the
Children.  Their situation is looking pretty bleak these days with the economy being
so bad
over there.   Arrangements have been made through the US State Department and
Hope to send an emergency shipment of supplies to the children.  If you would like
participate, please look at my page at
which lists exactly what is most desparately needed and where to send it.  We would
like to
have all donations by Dec. 10.   Judith Renwick at  email @ redacted  has made
up a
flyer that I put online for you to print out and pass out to your doctor's offices,
church groups and neighborhoods.  You can find it at
http://virtualnurse.com/diabetes/KidsFlyer.html   Please help!  The need is very
great and
your donation is tax deductable.

Well, I hope to chat with you December 3rd!  I'll be sending you more notes about
forums as we get closer to the date!  Feel free to forward this letter on to anyone
you think
may be interested and as always, if I can help you find anything online, email me!
I'd be glad
to help!



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