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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

Linda, my wife Doris has been a diabetic for 42 years and never has had
trigger finger but I had it last year, it lasted for about 9 months, I
was going to have it operated on but it started to heal itself, it just
went away, the doctor said it was a trigger finger and it was bad, when
I woke in the morning it hurt to straighten it out, oh yea, I'm not a
diabetic, so now you met your first non-diabetic with traumatic trigger
finger. It has been about 3 months and no problems.


email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 11/23/98 1:20:47 AM, email @ redacted writes:
> <<Do any of you know how common trigger finger is in diabetics? >>
> When I had my first trigger finger diagnosed in 1986  the endo did not know
> any connection with diabetes but the hand surgeon said it was a diabetes-
> related thing.  So I called up all the people I could think of who had had
> diabetes more than 30 years, and found that 4 out of 6 had had them.  Since I
> have never met anyone who had non-traumatic trigger finger who was not
> diabetic, seems likely to me.   But many diabetics since have told me their
> doctors insist it is not, and some have been diagnosed with things like
> tendonitis, so I suspect it would be hard to get good statistics on it.
> Linda Zottoli
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